[Video] How can we pull out this tooth from the ramus?

In the answer to this question lays much of the philosophy that characterizes my clinical approach and my teachings.

Because the answer is pretty simple:

“Following the letter of the surgical technique.”


You don’t need overthinking, you don’t need hundreds of hours spent in front of the CBCT

You only need to know the ANATOMY of the zone, were to put the blade and how to go on with the incision, the elevation, the ostectomy, the odontotomy and the sutures.

What does it takes?

Nothing…. Nevertheless this patient was on my agenda.😓

I almost never extract wisdom teeth in my clinic. Co-workers do it. But seldom I find one in my agenda, and do you know why?

Because co-workers are scared by the case, they think “it isn’t worth it!”, and the find the way to dump the shit in the middle of my implant day.

Even if I never do it I have extracted this tooth in half an hour without any kind of problem.

This because if you know the surgical principles, the anatomy and the surgical technique there isn’t so much a difference between pulling out the tooth from the patient or from a cast model: you dig around it, then you cut it and take it out.😉


Now I let you to the video of the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. I know that it might seem simple to some expert colleagues but I think it will be interesting for a lot of young guys.


P.s. In the video I say that the incision starts disto-buccal to the seciìond molar… it’s disto-lingual instead😅

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