Chances are you fall within one of the three following categories:


  • You already have some little experience in posterior mandible surgery and you are all too familiar with the feeling of going to bed shitting yourself you’re gonna get the phone call from your patient complaining she doesn’t feel her lip anymore.
  • You have never performed bone augmentation in the posterior mandible ‘cause that’s where the mental nerve is and you wanna stay out of trouble, so you’d rather leave the patient toothless or let him go see another dentist.
  • You are a very experienced implantologist and you regularly perform bone augmentation in the posterior mandible.

If you fall within the third group, please click on the red X at the top of the page, ‘cause this video is too simple for you. We’re talking easy-peasy here.

However, if you fall within one of the first two groups, I’m sure you’ll find this video lesson quite useful.

Let’s start from two basic assumptions:

  • You have to be able to perform advanced implant surgery, otherwise you will remain a Dr So-and-So, who puts implants to a tenth of the patients who actually need them (one of those dentists who put the implant for the second premolar and not for the molar because they don’t have the guts to face a sinus floor elevation and then fool themselves by saying … “the patient had no money” “10 teeth is all it takes to chew anything!”)
  • No matter how little regenerative surgery you are performing, you can’t get the mental nerve out of your way, so it’s a good idea to know it inside out. A patient who loses lip sensitivity isn’t very likely to recommend your dental practice (and they will probably sue you as well) .


This is the reason why I’ve recoded this basic video…


my aim is to give some pieces of advice to young colleagues who are starting or willing to start performing bone augmentation surgery.

It takes you less than 3 minutes to find, isolate and protect the mental nerve (less than two in this case), so learn it and kick asses!

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