(free video lesson) Why don’t you put some bone there?

In the last two articles we have spoken a little bit about mucogingival surgery unpacking for you the coronally advanced flap technique in all details.


Now I know you want to come back to bone and implants. So here it is a case.

This is a quite simple horizontal  GBR (guided bone regeneration) performed with a collagen resorbable membrane but there Is a little triky extra: a contextual connective tissue graft to improve he final outcome.


This was the initial situation were we started from:




The root of the right central incisor was vertically fractured with a to the apex probing depth. After the extraction a bone defect remained that were associated to the normal post-extractive bone resorption. They led to this concavity that was aesthetically unacceptable:




Before the implant uncovering we were in the following condition with a good replacement of the pink volume:




which allowed us to get a good result:




…above all from an occlusal point of view



Now let’s cut the crap, I let you to the surgical video hoping that you will find something interesting.


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