(free video lesson) The Handicap that could prevent you from being a very good implantologis

I’m talking about implantologists neither studying nor practicing mucogingival surgery before engaging themselves to implant surgery.

In my (not so) humble opinion it’s like a construction company building houses without knowing how ether  to paint walls or to put down floor plates.

Can you imagine? Every home would seem a factory with exposed concrete or worse an old cellar like the one just below.


Please don’t make mistake, I know we could sleep and have dinner in such a shitty place, but today standards are different. Let’s say the real estate market wants something more. The bar has risen.

And it’s the same in implant field. Unfortunately even today some colleagues work this way:



It’s not surprising if there is the migration of patients abandoning the practice and the rising of compensation claims.

Since I strongly believe that mucogingival concepts are fundamental in implant surgery I’ve dedicated to this topic my online soft tissue management course. But the course is made only by HD surgical videos and you won’t find schemes showing basic concepts

So I’ve decided to give you as a gift some basic videos to explain you the very basis of mucogingival aesthetic surgery.

Let’s get started with the principles of a very important technique that you could judge not so important: the coronally advance flap.

Right now I’ll show you them in a schematic way, in the next video we will revisit them in a real surgical case.

Kick asses.

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