Do you know why you should never ever speak with dental sellers?

Because their goal is to get money out of your pockets and to do that they use the “scientific” information they get from their company. Therefore, they typically go like…

“Doc, do you know that we recently introduced ground super-dinosaur’s nails unearthed in South America, and that with them everyone can achieve terrific results in bone regeneration?! You probably know Dr… (and he throws in an unheard unlikely name), he works with Dr… (another such name) at the … University  (unconvincing place). He has been using them for a long time and is very happy with the results he got! It’s definitely the future… Wanna buy some?”

While going through his presentation, he looks very self-confident. So your certainties begin to waver. You start to think you are probably the only one who doesn’t know Dr… who works with Dr… at the … University. And you seal the deal buying a huge amount of ground super-dinosaur’s nails, taking advantage of the early bird price.

Then you use them once, they’re worth shit, and you leave in the drawer all that insanely overpriced stuff… and you keep waiting for the next dental seller who will disclose the secret to achieve great regenerative outcomes thank to a new spectacular invention.

Now listen to me.

Spectacular inventions are a fake! You succeed in regenerative surgery when you follow the biologic principles. End of story!

Yes, yes… I know, some fundamental innovations sometimes occur, but they are very few, I mean, no more than one or two in a decade. And when they occur, we are not supposed to deal with them, researchers are.

We have paying and trusting patients sitting on our chairs and we MUST deliver them the gold standard, i.e. therapies based on scientific evidence, NOT DINOSAUR’S NAILS!

As you probably know, one of the fundamental biologic principles under bone and periodontal regeneration is CLOT STABILITY.


You heard me, the difference is not made by these or those particles, it’s made by how much the clot in between these particles is stable!

So when you have to build new bone, follow my rules:

1) Use biomaterials widely validated by scientific literature, possibly the most validated one. Not some magic powder promoted by a single-case report study. Moreover, it is way safer also from a legal point of view!

2) Put there some autologous bone (which you are supposed to be able to harvest).

3) If you use a resorbable barrier, do your best to stabilize the graft by pulling and stretching the membrane, just like the belly of pregnant woman.

4) Learn to suture properly, following the principles of classic GBR.

And if some crooked salesperson tries to schedule an appointment with you in order to show you some new magical products, just reply you have no time, as you’re busy watching my free video, in which I show you a beautiful trick to stabilize the membrane when you can’t place a titanium pin.

And if you are a big consumerist and you can’t help spending money, instead of buying magical particles and leaving them in the drawer, subscribe to my online video course on soft tissue management and learn points 1,2,3 and 4 immediately!


Let me know if you like the video. Speak soon,



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