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  1. Peter

    Hello Federico! I have several questions if you dont mind.
    -what kind of antibiotic prophylaxis do you use? Especially in bone augmentation procedures. Do you prescribe anything else, steroids especially?
    -what kind of sutures do you use?
    -the curved (not micro) needle holder is from what brand?
    -do you use any magnification?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Peter

      And 1 more: what is the name of the instrument you use for cutting the periosteal fibers (sometimes for little elevation as well)? Looks like an Orbán knife, but it is different a bit.

  2. Jonathan

    Can you please share your post operative instructions for patients regarding eating, hygiene instructions and medications?

    1. Federico Tirone

      on the microscope we use a Black Magic Poket, in the other surgery a Black Magic Ursa Mini with a 150mm Sigma macro photographic lens

    1. Federico Tirone

      Dear Dr. Dao,

      at least for the first viewing, we suggest you view the purchased video on a PC with a stable internet connection, preferably with cable.
      For any further information, we remain at your disposal.

      Kindest regards,

  3. Dao zhuo

    May i know how much is the gingival height of your multi unit abutment?should it be equal gingivae?subgingival ?

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