Some time ago I bought an online course

It was a broadcast of some live surgeries performed by a great professional.

I definitely wanted to see how he moved his hands, but also, being a trainer myself, the way he filmed, and the quality of the videos.

After the first surgery I was literally shocked… unfortunately not in a good way!

Not because the surgery was not performed well, I have already specified that he was a great professional so the technical execution was flawless, but because the surgery, which consisted in the placement of a post-extractive implant in the frontal area


If the placement of a simple implant lasts more than three hours, how long should the placement of 4 implants followed by immediate loading of the whole arch last!!? Or the reconstruction of a maxilla with double withdrawal from the branch!!!? Or the placement of 4 zygomatic implants!!!?

These surgeries should only be possible in a hospital, under general anesthesia, with half days to spare.

And guess what, this is exactly the effect that that training approach causes in the young dentistry population:

  • Hardly anyone does maxillary reconstructions in the dental clinic
  • Hardly anyone does zygomatic implants in the dental clinic
  • Almost all of those who do full-arch immediate loading on implants take half a day, if not, worse, a whole day!!!

But the mechanism of the “training scam” is even more insidious because the young trainee will project his own experience and compare it with the one of the great trainer and think:

“If he is a master and he takes three hours, imagine how long it could take me”.


This means that many procedures are very much appreciated in courses and congresses but are never practiced in the dental practice.

“Too long and too difficult’, thinks the trainee.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the trainers who deliberately implement this mechanism; it’s the culture of training that has become entrenched in old and unproductive concepts going like that:

“if you do things slowly, with a thousand useless steps, after lot of overthinking things will be better”.


Procedures must be simplified and standardized, every unnecessary step must be eliminated, surgery must be speeded up to be performed in an unprotected setting and MENTAL OVERTHINKING MUST BE ELIMINATED!

If you disagree, if you are still a victim of the cultural scam and you don’t want to get out of it, leave this page, go and subscribe some annual course full of useless details that will leave you with that sense of inadequacy we all know so well.

If, on the other hand, you want to understand how it is possible to perform full-arch rehabilitation with immediate loading by working no more than an hour and a quarter in the chair, then you can buy our new online course.

You will see two full-arch surgeries, one maxillary and one mandibular, the laboratory procedures, the delivery of one, and the suture removal of the other.


Note that the patient in the upper case is 82 years old… how do you think she would have coped with five or six hours in the chair!?

I have to admit that there is someting bad in this course: OUR ENGLISH!

We are definitely bad english speekers but I can guarantee you that the videos are amazing and the described procedures are really smart.



See you soon

Dr. Federico Tirone

Odt. Erik Rolando

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